The Studio

Katie Graham is a fine jewellery studio based in London. Each chic and classic item is made for everyday wear from diamonds or sapphires the colour of the rainbow.

For Katie, this collection is the luxury classic item that you never want to take off but with a colourful twist. For years Katie would travel the world buying pieces made from sapphires all shades of the rainbow and would wear them all together creating a colourful jewellery wardrobe. All designs are made to be layered and made to worn together – either coordinating or clashing colours.

After having been exposed to jewellery since childhood, Katie decided to launch her own range in 2019. For the last ten years Katie has been designing and making jewellery for her personal collection. After years of compliments and making small items for family and friends she is now bringing her passion to life.

All the pieces are beautifully handmade and well-priced so that a beautiful jewellery wardrobe can be curated.

Every piece is made bespoke so if you can’t see something that you like please get in touch as we can design and custom make it for you.